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How to overcome the fear of parkour training in front of others

How To Parkour:

How To Overcome The Fear Of Training Parkour In Front Of Others

I’m going to go pretty deep in this answer. Some might feel it’s a little over kill for just getting over the fear of training in front of others but I see this fear as a sign of a deeper issue that is most likely holding us back in other important areas of our lives as well.

Everything I’m going to talk about below can be used to overcome any social fear we experience.

So what causes this fear of training alone? If we logically think about it, we really shouldn't be experiencing any fear of training in front of others...

Click HERE To Read More And Discover The 6 Steps To Overcoming Fear Of Training Parkour In Front Of Others

how to safety vault parkour

Learn How To Safety Vault With Natalie Strasser!

In this Tutorial Tuesday Natalie Strasser takes us through the progression steps on how to learn the safety vault in parkour. Learn this parkour move and you will be to vault over rails and fly over obstacles  quickly and safely. 

The safety vault  is one of the best vaults to learn when we are first getting started in parkour....

Click HERE to watch the Safety Vault Parkour Tutorial

how to tic tac parkour

Easily Jump Off Walls: How To Tac In Parkour

In this parkour tutorial we go over one of the basic moves, the “tic tac”. The Tac is where we will hit off a wall or object with our foot to transfer momentum or jump to a separate ledge or wall. When we master this move we can use it to scale up HUGE walls like we’re in Assassins Creed ha.

This move is used a lot in parkour training and is important to...

Click HERE to watch the Parkour Tic Tac Tutorial

Milk Myths Parkour Nutrition

9 Myths About Milk

For diet and nutrition, Yuri Elkaim (former pro soccer player) is one of my main guys I go to.

He’s honest, very knowledgeable, studied under some of the best sports doctors such as Dr. Doug Richards (former sport med doctor of the Toronto Raptors), and he doesn't follow the main stream nonsense that most “dietitians” and so called “health experts” continually publish and promote. In...

Click HERE to watch the 9 Myths About Milk

ledge parkour training body weight workouts

Parkour Training: Body Weight Ledge Workout

In parkour it is important we learn how to use our surroundings and be creative with the obstacles we have available for us. I like to use this mentality with my parkour training and conditioning as well. This will allow us to think outside of the box and discover new techniques for training and get us comfortable with outside obstacles.

In this video I wanted...

Click HERE To Watch The Body Weight Ledge Workout


Get Fit Challenge 6 Set For July 17, 2017

"30 Days To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life"

how to parkour get fit challenge

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