9 Myths About Milk

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9 Myths About Milk: by Yuri Elaim

For diet and nutrition, Yuri Elkaim (former pro soccer player) is one of my main guys I go to. He’s honest, very knowledgeable, studied under some of the best sports doctors such as Dr. Doug Richards (former sport med doctor of the Toronto Raptors), and he doesn’t follow the main stream nonsense that most “dieticians” and so called “health experts” continually publish and promote.

In this video Yuri analyzes a recently published article in a popular magazine by a “registered dietician”. In this article the “dietician” covers 9 myths about milk. The whole article is full of fallacies and misleading information that Yuri dissects and tells us the truth.

He talks about “Will drinking milk cause you to gain weight?” “Does pasteurization destroy minerals in milk?” “Does low fat milk better for blood pressure?” “Is it better to drink chocolate milk vs soda?” “Is organic milk really better for you than regular milk?” and a lot of other stuff.

This is why I love Yuri’s videos and books! It’s so hard to find correct information these days with so many misinformed or “bought and paid for” experts.

So don’t fall for all of the mainstream bought and paid for propaganda over milk. It is not good for you, especially the way  it is processed and distributed today.


Here’s a link to check out his book “Eating For Energy”-[Eating For Energy]

Here’s a link to an awesome free e-course he has over raw foods- [Free Raw Food E-Course]

Here’s a review I put out over his book “Eating For Energy”- [My review over Eating For Energy]


I highly recommend checking out his stuff!

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  • Good writing in 9 Myths About Milk | How to Parkour. I loved reading this. If you like, check out my website.

  • I’m working on work for a customer linked to yuri elkaim currently. My close friend Eunice mailed me the url to your blog post, claiming I can get some extra information into the subject. I realized far more in respect to the topic reading your really magnificent article.

  • Armaghan Bashir

    yeah i was told that milk was beneficial for parkour. i used lemonade before :p

  • Ty

    The guy who first milked cows was probably very weird!