A Message From David Belle (What are your thoughts?)

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A Message From David Belle

This was a message I saw posted from David Belle on his Facebook. You should definitely read it below!

“I’d like to make it simple for everyone to understand once and for all!

I created and alone decided to put a K in Parkour, that is now used in every possible way, and where the whole world invents their lives like Zephyr who says ‘I also, my father who was in the military transmitted Parkour to me and I have practiced for 25 years!’ This kills me, but well certain are far away in their heads but not in the right direction! : )) I am the only one to have received directly and verbally the teachings of this method by my father! I am the only one at the beginning to have put my life in danger for this sport to exist! I made sacrifices and I put my heart into it! The Yamakasi are at the origin of a movement that everyone knows as “move outside, move together” and that’s all, there you go our common point. My father did like all the other fathers or old military men! He gave little advice of sport to whichever young people wanted to learn; but never, and I repeat my father Never spoke of Parkour to anyone except me!

Don’t forget you aren’t in a world that respects you, you are in a world where each person takes what they want without asking permission and does what they want! And I don’t like that! There you go, that’s why I prefer to stay alone! Or then with brothers of arms that have the notion of values and who respect their word! You don’t play with death! My father isn’t anymore, and as long as there rests in me the breath of life! I will defend what he left me!

Thank you to all the practitioners of Parkour, with or without acro it doesn’t matter, the important thing is to enjoy learning and to evolve and not to get hurt. So thank you again for believing in this discipline and good luck on the path of life. And shame on those who without ever asking have made business with a name that did not belong to them! The bill will be expensive! You do not play with death! I would never betray my family or my brothers! All the rest I don’t trust because there is too much treachery in this world! I had learned to trust, this world taught me to be careful!

So continue to advance for yourselves. Don’t listen to the stories anymore because there aren’t any! Except one, the truth! Parkour does not have to be liked or disliked! Parkour is here and it will stay here forever! Because it was born from a pure heart and nourished from all the love that a son can give to his father! End of story.

Be careful and never forget that we are on earth to learn and to give, and not to steal, or lie, or cheat! Parkour raises us above this and must help us to feel good in our hearts, in our bodies, and each person should think to fill up their own life!

I am going to soon have a son, therefore it was important for me to tell you this! Because a new Parkour awaits me! To be a FATHER : )) The most beautiful gift of life!

I love you all and continue to flood the streets with your joy of living!

Thank you,

David Belle”

This was translated to english, incase some parts were a little hard to understand.

I would love to hear your thoughts on his message! Comment below!

Train Safe,

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  • Prescott Jackson

    Well, I hate to say this, but it seems a little prideful to me.
    Don’t get me wrong, I mean no undue disrespect to the man who is solely responsible for the name ‘parkour’ as well as for the spread and development of the discipline more than any other single person.
    But it I correctly understand the comment, it seems to severely contradict the spirit and philosophy of parkour. As a practitioner, I am continually awed by the intuitive nature of the involved movements. Parkour feels natural. So to suggest that mankind has lived for thousands of years without some other person holding and acting upon the ideals of the discipline which has only recently received a name seems a bit…well, incorrect. Also, the sheer number of back stories I have heard that run about like: ‘well, I always liked to jump around as a kid…then I found parkour…” reinforces my opinion that parkour (in a sense) is something that a lot of people have done for a long time.
    That being said, of course David Belle can be attributed with the birth of the discipline. He developed it, spread it, taught it, and what we now have is because of him. Unquestionably.
    I suppose my point is that just because he defined what it is to move, does not make all motion that has ever been, undefined, his.
    We need to respect his place in parkour, but he needs to respect the fact that parkour is, quite frankly, bigger than him.
    It would not be nearly what it is if it was not.

    • Yasmin

      I agree with you. David Belle gave it a name and made up specific moves and the names for them, but parkour has been around ever since we were cave men and women. It’s natural. Ancient tribes can be seen doing this type thing. Parkour is just moving quickly from A to B as efficiently as possible. Parkour is like music. No one ‘invented’ it, but it was discovered and continue from there. Parkour is everything and nothing. It is inside of our hearts, and I know that one person could not invent that.

      • Lucas

        He’s the inventor of the concept known as MovNat, Witch is in fact what cavemens did. Parkour is like a brench , if you would, of that. Movement is everything , but the parkour ideals are to star efficient and safe, from a point A to a point B, Using natural movements , as well as parkour techniques like kongs or vaults in general.
        Hope you read this , since you published 2 years ago 😛
        Guess i came i little too late hahaha
        Greetings from Argentina!
        PS: sorry if something is spelled wrongly , or if the grammar is incorrect

  • Sharif

    Read it. And copied-pasted it into the back of my brain. Do I want to be of those who are going to be there, who are going to nurture parkour and let it nurture ourselves? I am.. I will.