The TRUTH About Parkour – Think You Know What Parkour Is All About? Read This!

The Truth About Parkour

We have all seen the intense parkour sequences show cased in the latest action movies and the amazing parkour movements displayed by athletes in their newest show reels on Youtube!

It’s incredible and at first glance INSANE.

Seeing anyone perform a diving front flip across an 8ft building gap where one slip up means you fall 10 stories to a painful impact on some exposed air conditioning units has to make most people think “Ahhh snapp mayne!! That kid is CRAZY. I could never do that parkour stuff, you have to be some kind of daredevil to do that.”

But that’s only a small fraction of what parkour is about and an example of years of training and dedication.

So we shouldn’t judge parkour based on a few advanced action scenes from the big action films. Let’s take a deeper look into the discipline and walk in the shoes of an advanced parkour athlete to reveal what is not seen.

Parkour Safety

In parkour safety is #1. 90% of parkour athletes and all of the top practitioners are pretty smart and realize that when you get injured it sucks! You’re in pain, you have crazy medical bills, you have to deal with a bunch of headaches, and most importantly you CAN’T TRAIN! Not cool.

Start Small

We never just go out and start trying kong gainers off 2 story buildings… Well unless your Russian (inside parkour joke). We start small and gradually build up just like with everything else in life. We had to learn how to count before we started doing insane math problems like 2+2=5.

Parkour is just like anything else, we are just developing in other areas.

How We Train

When we begin training we focus on building the foundation. We build strength, flexibility, balance, speed, body awareness, and confidence in our basic bodies movements. As we start advancing and learning advanced movements we learn everything in progression steps to ensure safety and steady development.

For example when we want to perform a rail to rail precision (jump from one rail to another rail) that’s 6 ft apart, we start by learning the proper mechanics of how to jump. Once we learn this and have good form, we start to precision jump from one line to another at ground level until we can land the 6ft gap. Then we build up to precision jumping across two low to ground curbs or wooden blocks 6 ft across. Once comfortable with that, we practice basic landings and jumps on low to ground rails. Then we move to low rail to rail jumps. Not until we have done all that training and are 100% confident, which can take weeks or years depending on how you progress, do we finally perform the 6 ft rail to rail precision jump.

Movies Are Just A Fraction

The stunts in movies and amazing death defying stunts in our show reels are only a small fraction of our training. Most of our training is low to ground and in safe environments. When we go for new extreme acrobatic skills, we go for them in gyms first to get it down then bring it outside. We only perform moves that we are completely confident in. If we aren’t feeling it, we don’t do it. There is always tomorrow.

The Advanced Parkour Athlete

The crazy parkour scenes you see in the movies and big show reels on YouTube are performed by advanced athletes that have spent years honing their skills.

For the advanced athlete, these seemly crazy moves are as easy to them as a normal person walking. The odds of them hurting themselves are less than a normal athlete playing a high contact sport.

Parkour Is Not About Building Jumps!

You don’t have to perform building jumps to train parkour. Parkour is all about personal development, physically and mentally. In the parkour community you don’t get respect for how crazy you are or how dangerous your moves are, you get respect by how much you develop and progress for yourself.

Anyone Can Start Training Parkour

It’s never too late to develop your bodies natural movements and learn parkour. No matter what your physical level right now, you can build your foundation and start training the basic movements! In fact, learning parkour will build strength, coordination, flexibility, body awareness, and will prepare your body for any physical situation. While other people are slipping down stairs (seen quite a few times, not pretty), blowing out knees taking basic drops, and pathetically struggling to hop over a fence to get that ball that flew into the neighbors backyard, you will be able to avoid all of that with your awesome strength and spider-man like body awareness!

So don’t wait, if learning parkour tickles your fancy, start right now by signing up for my 5 day parkour training course below! You get proper instruction over the basic fundamental movements to make sure you start right. Don’t worry I make sure to give you the cool moves like how to run up 8ft walls to show off your friends! Click here to get your free course!

Hope fully this clears up some of the misconceptions about parkour and encourages you to get started! I have to warn you though, once you get started you will become addicted to it!

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Train Safe,

Jonathan Tapp

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