American Ninja Warrior 2012- Tapp Brothers beast course

American Ninja Warrior 2012

Tapp Brothers Beast Course

My brother and I got to do the testing and stunts for the American Ninja Warrior Course 2012 in Dallas, TX.

Testing basically went like this. After the course was mostly built, we would test each obstacle over and over one at a time to make sure it was safe, not too easy, and humanly possible. After this we would test each obstacle again for the producers, again to set up lighting, and test each obstacle another few times to set up cameras. Then we would do multiple full runs of the course for full camera tests, go pro shots with head and chest cams, and to set the times for the competitors.

We got to test out all the main American Ninja Warrior 2012 obstacles! The warped wall, quad steps, bridge of blades, jump hang, cargo net, curtain sliders, salmon ladder, ropes, globes, and log grip.

It was pretty awesome but also very physically demanding. Ha one day we were there from around 9 p.m. at night to about 6 a.m. the next morning.

By the end of the testing we knew the course like the back of our hand, which will definitely be a plus if we ever want to run the course in the future and for teaching others all the little trick, techniques, and how to do it right!

We had a blast, got to meet a lot of awesome people, and learn a lot about the American Ninja Warrior Course 2012! Definitely an unforgettable experience!

We also were able to test and perform stunts in Mount Midoriyama for the Finals of American Ninja Warrior 2012 in Las Vegas, so look forward to seeing a sick from that as well once we can release the footage!

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