Bail Of The Week: “I Thought He DIED!??”

Parkour Bail Of The Week

I Thought He Died!??

Welcome to Learn More Parkour’s bail of the week! We find our favorite most painful and funny parkour bails and post them up each week.

One of the most classic bails in parkour! Rumor was that he died as a result of this jump, but apparently not from this video clip.

In this video we learn that it’s never good to do huge roof jumps with out being 110% confident in the jump and the ledge your jumping from. Always start small and no one should do roof jumps until they have reached a very high level of skill. It’s not worth the risk.

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  • James

    he should have turned around in mid air and rolled. ukemi is really useful in parkour if you fail.

  • Jesse Allen

    I seen this video a couple weeks ago and thought the same thing, but it wasn’t the full video just a clip. A broken hand and a brain contusion is a small price to pay for that huge fall, it could have ended a lot worse then that!

  • mizo

    Hi, I saw this guy earlier on youtube in a fail compliation video, this guy is insane, and stupid, because if he turned while he’s falling and performs a roll on the ground he, that helps reducing the fall damage, i thought he died too…

  • Yes! Finally someone writes about bail.