Bail Of The Week: “Kong Vault Bail Into Fish Dive”

Welcome to Learn More Parkour’s bail of the week! We find our favorite most painful and funny parkour bails and post them up each week.

This guy clips on a kong vault attempt which results in him flopping like a salmon in the air till he hits the ground! I can recall this happening to me at least once.

In this video we learn that it’s important to keep your hips up high when doing Kong vaults and to always check your surfaces to make sure you don’t slip on the take off or vault.

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-“My Nuts Are GONE”

  • dillon

    er mer gerd I feel accomplished I got the Kong jump perfectly first try. this guy needs to start smaller lol.

  • Josh

    LOL !!!

  • Yiwen


  • Trey Pehl

    Yikes! That had to be frightening if not painful.

  • Jeremy

    Haha! 4th comment!!!

  • Sam

    he put his palm to far…

  • shawn

    Didn’t bring his knees high enough.

  • jason abas

    how a wall spin ilike

  • cool guy

    Weak leg

  • Sean Parkour

    A kong should be around a 1 inch difference between the waist from the platform. He was obviously too small.