Bail Of The Week: “Stair Vault Into Shell Shock”

Parkour Bail Of The Week

Stair Vault Into Shell Shock

Welcome to Learn More Parkour’s bail of the week! We find our favorite most painful and funny parkour bails and post them up each week.

Kid gets amped up after watching the new parkour video from Paul Darnell and attempts a hybrid kong vault/lazy over the railing of his stairs.

In this video we learn that if we are going to vault over a high railing from a basic stand still, we have to make sure we have the strength to jump up with enough force and momentum to clear the obstacle we are vaulting over. We also learn that thick, slanted, wooden railings tend to be slick and hard to get a good grip.

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  • Jean-Luc

    Might be good to put a mattress down there until he has the movement down, too…