Top 5 AB Exercises For Parkour – Core Training Calisthenics

**Start Your Training here:   Today we share with you our top 5 ab exercises for parkour. In parkour, any sport, and body movement in general the core plays a vital role. We need to strengthen and develop the core for movement. We share with you our top 5 ab/core exercises. We also show the…

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Butterfly Kick/ B-Kick Tutorial: Learn This Simple Acro Move Today

**Join the Parkour Academy here: Today I’m showing you how to perform the butterfly kick or B-Kick. You might have seen this tricking move in martial arts movies. The Butterfly kick is a great move for beginners just starting their acro training. It is one of the safer acrobatic flips because you do not…

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Top 6 Exercises For Beginners Getting Started In Parkour

In this video we show you are top exercises that we recommend for you to train if you are a beginner and just getting started in parkour. We call these exercises our solid 6 for parkour. These are workouts we used to build a solid base of coordination, strength, and mobility. We’ve picked up these…

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How To Wall Spin – Freerunning Tutorial

The Wall Spin is one of the first wall flips we will want to learn in freerunning. The wall spin is a unique cool looking wall flip that is very similar to the palm spin except you are performing the wall spin on a vertical wall opposed to a horizontal ledge in the palm spin.…

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Parkour Training Drill – Get Flow & Creativity

Special 50% discount on all of our training programs. This week only! Click here: In this parkour training drill we focus on improving flow and creativity. By performing this drill and mastering this drill you will be able to flow into parkour movements naturally and a lot easier without having to think about. This…

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How To Prevent Hand Rips – Parkour Training

In this video we go over how to prevent hand rips in your parkour training. Hand rips are one of the most common, painful, and annoying injuries in parkour training. This injury is also very common in cross fit, gymnastics, and weight lifting. Now the hand rip is not as serious of an injury like…

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How To Get More Flexible : 3 Tips To Improve Your Flexibility

get more flexible, learn splits,

In this video Jonathan answers a question on how to get more flexible. He shares 3 tips to improve your Flexibility. Subscribe for more tutorials here – Flexibility is a very important for us if we are training, parkour, acrobatics, sports, or we just want more enjoyment out of our day to day lives.…

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Ninja Move – How To Do The Kip Up

Today you’ll learn a super cool ninja move you’ve probably seen in a lot of action/ martial art movies where the fighter falls, gets knocked down to the ground, and uses this move to spring back up to his feet like a badass Kung Fu master. This move looks really smooth when done right and…

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How To Get A 6 PACK – Build An Athletic Core You Can Use

6-pack abs, get an athletic core,

Click here to pick up your complimentary Primal Abs 6pack Blueprint- In this video we talk about how to get a 6 pack and most importantly developing an athletic core. The 6pack is a common goal for a lot of us. And good reasons why, a 6pack often means you are in good shape and they’re…

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Parkour Training Grid For Beginners: No Obstacles No Problem – Flatground Parkour Training

parkour training, beginner parkour

In this video I wanted to share with you a simple way we can train some of our parkour basics on flat ground with no obstacles. Early in my parkour training I had trouble finding good parkour spots to train so I had to come up with creative ways to train my basics. I know…

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