Parkour Tic Tac Tutorial!

how to tic tac in parkour

How To Parkour! In this parkour tutorial we go over one of the basic moves, the “tic tac”. The Tac is where we will hit off a wall or object with our foot to transfer momentum or jump to a separate ledge or wall. When we master this move we can use it to scale…

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How To Safety Vault: Parkour Tutorial w Natalie Strasser

how to safety vault in parkour

How To Safety Vault In this Tutorial Tuesday Natalie Strasser takes us through the progression steps on how to learn the safety vault in parkour. Learn this parkour move and you will be to vault over rails and fly over obstacles quickly and safely. The safety vault is one of the best vaults to learn…

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Cat to Cat/ Prince Of Persia Parkour Tutorial

cat to cat prince of persia parkour tutorial

Cat to Cat Parkour Tutorial How to cat leap from wall to wall In this video your going to learn the 3 simple steps to getting your “Cat to Cat” (some people call Prince of Persia) or “Cat to Precision” off of a wall. This move is GREAT for transferring up and down levels or…

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Parkour Ukemi with Amos Rendao

Ukemi Parkour Ukemi with Amos Rendao This is a ukemi seminar taught by Amos Rendao from Apex Movement. Amos is one of the most dedicated and talented parkour instructors my brother and I have met. Amos is always on the cutting edge for bringing new techniques and practices to his parkour instruction. The first time…

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How to Convince Your Parents To Let You Train Parkour!

How To Parkour How to Convince Your Parents To Let You Train Parkour   How do I convince my parents to let me train parkour? This is a question I receive a lot in my e-mail so we decided to address this issue in a quick video! When my bro and I first started training…

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Afraid of Getting Injured In Parkour?? Watch This!

Afraid of Getting Injured In Parkour?? Watch This! Today Jonathan answers a question about being afraid of getting seriously injured in parkour. Odds are most of us have experienced this.–TYU_s – click here to watch indebth tutorial over the kong vault and training triangle Train safe, Thomas For access to all of our parkour…

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Stress Training: Are You Training For A Real-Life Situation??

Stress Training If you had to use parkour in a real-life situation today, would you succeed or FAIL?! In this video I talk about Stress Training and why we must train this to succeed in a real parkour chase. When we find ourselves in a situation where we have to use parkour “for real” (ex.…

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How to Precison Jump in Parkour

How to Precison Jump in Parkour In this parkour tutorial we are going to learn the precision jump! The precision is used to accurately jump from one ledge, pole, or object to another. The precision is unique because it can be practiced as a basic move and also an advanced move just by going from…

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Best Parkour Shoe

The best parkour shoe for parkour training Today we are going to talk about the best parkour shoes to wear for training. It’s important to choose the right kind of shoes for training. If we wear the wrong shoes for training, we could slip on wall runs and rail precisions, get bone bruises from heavy…

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Bail Of The Week: “Kong Vault Bail Off Balcony”

Parkour Bail Of The Week Kong Vault Bail Off Balcony Welcome to Learn More Parkour’s bail of the week! We find our favorite most painful and funny parkour bails and post them up each week. When learning the kong vault we all have that fear of clipping our feet. The sensation of having no control…

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