Body Weight Exercises – “Picnic Table Circuit”

body weight workout

This is another body weight workout taken from our previous GET FIT Challenge. My brother and I are big fans of using anything possible to get a good workout in that doesn’t involve going to a gym ha We show you a quick and effective muscle building circuit you can do on any picnic table near you.

The body weight exercises shown in this circuit are:

1. Kong Jumps: This is great for developing the core (flexibility and strength) along with the triceps and shoulders. Also develops the coordination for you kong vault.

2. Ab Turns: This is a wicked core workout, focuses primarily on the abs.

3. Incline Push ups: Develops the upper chest.

4. Step Up Jumps: Develops your calf’s, quads, and lower body coordination to get you jumping higher and add that spring to your jump.

5. Dips: This focuses on developing your triceps. Great for helping with your muscle up or top out in parkour
I encourage you to start training with obstacles and structures around you! Try to get creative with it, make up your own workouts to fit the physical goals you want for yourself in parkour.

This body weight exercise video was taken from our last GET FIT Challenge. Thousands of us get in the best shape of our lives in 30 days! We share training tips, workout and nutrition videos, and motivate each other to succeed in our fitness goals! See more about the Get Fit challenge and sign up for the next one HERE:

Body weight exercises, picnic table circuit

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