Cat to Cat/ Prince Of Persia Parkour Tutorial

cat to cat prince of persia parkour tutorial

Cat to Cat Parkour Tutorial

How to cat leap from wall to wall

In this video your going to learn the 3 simple steps to getting your “Cat to Cat” (some people call Prince of Persia) or “Cat to Precision” off of a wall.

This move is GREAT for transferring up and down levels or across high even walls!

This Move is all about proper technique and building up the strength and muscle coordination to get a good powerful jump off the wall!

So you will want to incorporate some conditioning exercises along with training the move.

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Train Safe!

Thomas Tapp

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  • Natalie

    Should we use our dominant foot?

    • JonathanTapp


      Yes I’d recommend using your dominant foot when first learning the movement. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the basic motion for the prince of persia or cat to cat, you should start alternating feet. That way you get both sides down solid and you avoid any imbalances with your body and movement.

  • salsanakki

    what if i need to do it in a quick motion as in i run up the wall and jump, do i run up get to cat and jump or is there a different version for wallrun jumps?

  • Nincompoop

    Does it require any upper arm strength or flexibility?

  • Oven

    Oh,shit!Why I can’t it either!