How to Convince Your Parents To Let You Train Parkour!

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How to Convince Your Parents To Let You Train Parkour


How do I convince my parents to let me train parkour? This is a question I receive a lot in my e-mail so we decided to address this issue in a quick video!

When my bro and I first started training parkour our parents were not having it and many times told us we were not allowed to train parkour. We were big into soccer and our parents didn’t want us getting injured and jeopardizing our soccer career and chances of getting a scholarship to a nice college.

It took a lot of explaining and convincing to get our parents to be completely supportive of our passion for parkour ha but eventually they came around.

If your parents are the same, we know how you feel! The main problem we found was that our parents just didn’t understand what parkour was all about. They just saw how the media portrayed it and looked at is a dangerous and reckless sport.

It’s the complete opposite and we recommend you to sit down with your folks and explain to them what parkour is really all about and show them how passionate you are about parkour.

Once your parents see that parkour is about training safely and developing yourself (building strong discipline, making yourself strong and healthy) then they will be more inclined to let you train.

Watch the video above and see what I have to say about convincing your parent to let you train parkour.

Train safe,


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  • Guest

    You are awesome i’m starting at a new parkour school next week. Iv’e always wanted to do parkour if tried to learn off of videos and teach myself but i haven’t gotten any where. After i join the school i’m gonna use your guys videos to help me along the way and hopefully i get good at parkour. thanks you guys are awesome!

    • Adrian

      same thing here but they say im just trying to be like ezio off of assassin’s creed and I have no idea how to get around that :/

  • cormac

    I live in louth and there arnt any gyms near me

  • Larry H

    Yah, see if David Bell will adopt you.