Daniel Arroyo’s Epic Dive Kong Photo

Daniel Arroyo epic parkour dive kong

Daniel Arroyo's epic diving cat pass


This amazing picture of Daniel Arroyo performing an epic diving cat pass/dive kong has exploded over facebook!

There’s even been people posting photo-shopped images using his original cat pass picture. Some of them are hilarious! Meme in the developing possibly??

Check out some of the images below!

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Daniel arroyo dive kong with superman

At first there was this picture... But then we wanted more...Keep it going guys!

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danial arroyo extreme dive kong attempt to save lincoln

Daniel Arroyo performing another extreme dive kong into the past in an attempt to save Lincoln.

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Daniel Arroyo Dive Kong

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daniel arroyo parkour diving cat pass photoshop

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Daniel Arroyo dive roll across grand canyon

Daniel Arroyo dive rolling across the Grand Canyon

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Daniel’s photo has really taken a life of it’s own! Everyone should share it and keep it going!!


Also apparently he has video footage of this beast cat pass and is waiting to get some more clips together before he releases it. (At least that’s what I think I read ha someone correct me if I’m wrong.) I can’t wait to see it!!

Make sure to check out Daniel’s Youtube Channel and subscribe he’s got some sick videos on here! – http://www.youtube.com/user/CrazyRican158


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    first comment ..but it was funny