Sh*t People Say When They See You Doing Parkour

funny parkour video

Funny Parkour Video from ryanpkblog

This video is hilarious! My brother and I have literally heard people say those exact lines thousands of times. Props to these guys for making this video. Haha it’s spot on.

Here’s the description from the video-
“sh*t people say when they see you doing parkour can get annoying, all my traceur friends can probably agree, this is just a video to sum up most of the stuff that is said

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Train Safe!

Thomas Tapp

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  • rob

    HAHA that is so funny! Well at least they aren’t making fun of you!

  • Lightstriker195 (TJ McDerp)

    This… has inspired me

  • Ty

    Hardcore parkour is one I hear a lot, or “GET DOWN FROM THERE!”