Get Fit Challenge Workouts

Choose the workout program below that best fits yours goals & fitness level.

Follow each program for the next 30 days.

You can mix & match workouts if you desire, however we recommend just sticking with one.

Bodyweight Rejuvenation

  • Time Commitment: Sessions 8-25 mins.
  • Goals: Improve mobility, boost energy, increase metabolism, lower stress, introduction to fitness.
  • Fitness Level: Beginner. For those just getting started, over the age of 60, or in need of very low impact exercises.
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Rapid Primal Fitness

  • Time Commitment: Workouts 12-23 mins.
  • Goals: Learn primal movement patterns, gain functional strength, burn fat, boost stamina, build lean muscle mass.
  • Fitness Level: Intermediate. For those who have exercised in the past and can handle more intense bodyweight circuits.
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  • Time Commitment: Workouts 12-23 mins.
  • Goals: Increase muscle mass, gain weight, build functional strength.
  • Fitness Level: Intermediate. For those familiar with traditional bodyweight exercises & free weights.
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Bonus Workouts

*Extra workouts that were popular in previous challenges. You can use these to replace workouts in your schedule or if you are advanced, and going Ninja Style... you can use these for your optional days or to add on top.

Agility Circuit


Balancing Workout 

Zen Workout

Killer Ab Circuit

Parkour Circuit