How To Build Your Own Parkour Training Spot

I recently received this question via e-mail.

So I live way out in the boonies and there isn’t much by me for ease of practice I have been thinking
about making a vault box, and precision poles. only cause I would have to drive 20 min. in a direction
to get to a better PK spot. I won’t be negating exploration and PK training just making it more
accessible for me on a constant basis. What do you think?


[My Response]
Yes I think that is a great idea! When I first started parkour, I lived in a small town where there weren’t too many spots close by. I built precision trainers and used an old metal container for a vault box in my back yard. It made training so much easier. You can work so many different things with just a simple vault box and a couple of precision trainers. You will progress much faster having easy access to those obstacles for day to day training.

[My Response]

Below are some links to pages for details and steps on how to actually build your own vault box and precision trainers for parkour.

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How To Build a Parkour Vault Box:

#1-Vault box design posted on by Tyson Cecka-
#2-Vault box design pdf by Brian Orosoco of SF Parkour and Team Tempest-


How To Build Parkour Precision Trainers:

#1-Rail Preccision Trainers by by J Ritchey-
#2-Rail Precision Video tutorial by Shawne Winter-
#3-Wooden Precision Trainers by by Eric Jusino-

Building your own parkour equipment allows you to train parkour movements basically anywhere. These especially com in handy when you live in the middle of nowhere!

Safe Training,
Jonathan Tapp




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  • ive been wanting to do parkour for 2 years but money is tight and im only 12 but the 5 day video helped me because i can now get on top of my grandparents house to retrieve stuff and to get and to get a way for a while kk thnx xxlx

    • Nicholas Faulks

      I suggest you be careful, because the point of parkour is not to get on the roof.

  • Alex

    I am 12 and my family wont let me on my roof… I pester them… but I try and hang with mates and find spots on google… I am rich enough to do this stuff… but Id be embarresed if i told my mum I was building these…

    • Nicholas Faulks

      Parkour is NOT about getting on the roof, I’m 12 and I train safely, idiots like you give us a bad name, parkour is about learning moves and overcoming obstacles not going on your roof, I could get on my roof if I wanted, but I don’t.

      • harmony

        I agree with you all the way

      • Connor Kirk

        But if u have traind for a long time u could easy get on a 3-4 story bulding and find good spots

  • Joe

    Yeah guys i’m sixteen and been training since I was your age and i’m gonna have to agree with Nicholas, just remember parkour isn’t just about climbing on roofs its about movement, overcoming obstacles and training hard to progress.

  • Tanner

    Guys, parkour is not about being rich, its about finding a movement that works for you, I parkour off of trees abandon cars, pretty much anything I can find. Its about being respectful through your movement and not annoying others through your practice.

    • Slade Lace

      I agree with you all the way! I’m not rich, as a matter of fact I have three other sibling, imagine how much money goes to clothes, food, etc. So I’m not rich! I just find spots, like railings, anywhere, soccer fields, Skate Park, anything with walls. I’m 15 close to 16 and I love training the way I do.

  • Keaton

    I can’t I’m a kid who’s 11 and I can not build things and stuff I just wish there was a place were I could buy these things CHEAP

    • Travis F

      I’m 12 myself and I could probably build things if I learned. You can’t just look at something and say “I can’t build that” Try, you’ll find out that you can do a lot of things. I myself make things all the time, though mostly out of cardboard and hot glue, if I had the materials I’d build my own parkour gym in my backyard, I just don’t have the right things. Well, at least not yet anyways. I’m planning on getting things and building at least a mini parkour training area

  • Aaron

    I’m 13 soon to be 14 and i do parkour and my parents dont let me go any where really i live in redding CA. im friends with evan leslie he gets to do everything he wants.

  • assem

    I am assem i am 14 i just started pk this year so any advice about flipping right

  • Fristo Aprilano

    Guys I’m 14 and the only open spot for me to practice freely is my roof. I have lots and lots of metal junks, bricks, and ropes. Any suggestions of what to make? I love hanmade things anyways.. 🙂

  • Fiona Coutts

    Just suggesting a few good training spots;
    Walls or fences in your front yard
    Tie a rope to a tree and practice claiming it to build strength
    On top of sheds
    Play parks
    Gates (big ones you find in the country side)
    Bike railings are perfect for vaulting
    Climbing lampposts
    I’m only 13 so I don’t go around scaling high rises or anything,you’ve just got to take any opportunity you get to practice your parkour.

  • Lydia

    I’m an 11 yr old and live in the suburbs and my parents don’t support parkour. I have trouble finding places suitable for me and not able to build anything, what do I do?