How to Parkour: Dash Vault by Jesse LaFlair

jesse la flair dash vault tutorial

How To Parkour

Dash Vault Tutorial by Jesse Laflair

Got another great “how to” parkour tutorial for ya. In this one Jesse La Flair goes over the steps to learning the dash vault in parkour. I had the pleasure of meeting and training with Jesse when we moved to L.A. not too long ago. He’s very talented, knows his craft, and puts out some of the best tutorials for learning how to parkour.

The dash vault is one of the trickiest and scariest vaults to learn because of the blind placement of the hands during the vault but it’s an important to get down. As Jesse points out in the video, the dash can serve as a very efficient vault to go directly into a kong vault upon the landing.

Jesse does a great job of breaking down the vault into simple steps and showing you the safe way to progress into the dash.

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  • usman

    can u tell me how to do 2 hand jump over

  • amberly

    how can i get better at jumping higher?

    • cool guy

      Runnin’ faster is a good way

    • Peep Ninja

      Also, you can practice jumpin’ around with a trampoline

  • sebastian

    me párese que este tutorial es muy malo el chinga solo hace ablar, y ablar mierda y solo al final del viedeo realiza el salto para poder superar es obstaculo de mierda asi que mono marica madura y deja de hacer tutoriales de mierda

  • sebastian

    sonomobeach maricas de chet