How To Parkour: Finding People To Train With

How To Parkour

Finding People To Train Parkour With

In this video you find out some of the best ways to find people to train parkour with. I have found many people that I still train with today through these different ways!

#1- Online
Google (Type in the name of your area and parkour afterward. Ex Dallas Parkour)
Forums (list at bottom of page)
Facebook Groups
Parkour Websites (

#2- Through your training
Train with areas of high foot traffic
Train at gymnastic gyms (especially open gym classes)

#3- Create your own community
Create a FB group for your area
Create a forum for your area
Create a website for your area
Share it with everyone

Links to big forums:

APK Forum:
3run Forum:
Washington Parkour Forum:
Parkour Generations Forum:

Feel free to message me with other great forums and websites. These are the ones off the top of my head.

Train Safe,
Jonathan Tapp


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  • Edward

    yo, whats good. i got another problem. im 14 years old and i live in Everette Massachusets. everett is more of a suburban place and there is almost NOWHERE to do parkour or find people to do it with. im to young to build my own spot or get some $$$$. any ideas?