How To Get A 6 PACK – Build An Athletic Core You Can Use

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In this video we talk about how to get a 6 pack and most importantly developing an athletic core. The 6pack is a common goal for a lot of us. And good reasons why, a 6pack often means you are in good shape and they’re attractive.

But what’s the real reason we ant a 6-pack? Do we want it just for the looks or do we want a 6pack that is functional, flexible, and strong. A core that can allow us to perform high level movements in various sports, pakour, acrobatics, feats of strength, etc.

Most of us are looking for just that in our 6pack. One exercise that is very popular and thought as the “go to” for the 6pack is the famous abdominal crunch. Funny thing is the crunch is actually a poor exercise for developing the core.

The core was designed to stabilize our body and keep our spine in constant alignment. Most crunches take our spine out of alignment and only focus on the front side of our core. This can cause muscle imbalances and back/neck pain.

So we want our core and ab exercises to fit real life application and to be the most effective. The Plank and variations there of are some of the best exercises for developing a strong useful core and develop your 6pack abs.

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