How to get more energy during parkour training! Simple changes to avoid that lazy sluggish feeling!

Hi Thomas and Jonathan,
I was out doing parkour the other day training as hard as I could. I had an energy drink and a bottle of water with me but after about 2-3 hours of training, my eyes began to close more, I was out of breath and my legs didn’t want to feel any impact anymore.

So what I want to ask you is this: How do I keep my energy up for a long period of time whilst training?


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Hey Danny!

I know the feeling exactly! That feeling sucks and makes it hard to do any physical activity let alone parkour! For  energy, 80% of this has to do with nutrition. So diet plays a big roll. It starts from the very beginning of the day.  Make sure you are eating a healthy breakfast full of raw vegetables and fruits, ideally organic.

Avoid heavy processed foods, refined sugars, or anything containing high fructose corn syrup. These cause your insulin levels to spike very high then your body reacts to this and causes a crash or lack of energy. Not to mention these foods provide very little nutrients for the body, so it will not operate at it’s highest potential and over time will start to deteriorate. Energy drinks are full of refined sugars or artificial sweeteners and other junk that causes the body to get a burst of fake energy but with in an hour or two the body will begin to crash.

My diet used to leave a lot to be desired. Fast food, cookies, cokes, processed foods, and hardly any real raw vegetables or fruits. Some days I had to force myself to train, I took naps every day, and staying at home chillin playing video games looked more and more pleasing ha.

Luckily I started to do more research over diet and it’s impact on the body and your overall performance. I was amazed at what I found out about all of the foods I was eating, some of these foods were even touted as being healthy but turned out to be far from it.  I quickly did a 180 with my diet and eating habits and noticed a world of different in my energy, physical performance, health, and over all well being. Literally felt like a new person. Now when I eat even a meal or two that is unhealthy, I can really feel the difference.

The diet I follow now is a mixture of a raw foods diet and supplementation. I still eat meats and cooked foods, but not near as much as before and when I eat meats I try and eat fish or meats that haven’t been pumped full of antibiotics, hormones, and feed a bunch of crap. I still have fast food and junk every once in a while when I’m pushed for time or out with friends.

My main goal is to have two completely raw food meals a day with high quality and a high quantity of fruits and vegetables, I religiously have a raw food smoothie for breakfast.. AMAZING! Then I add a multivitamin to get the extra vitamins, extra protein supplements  to reach my protein factor for the day, and when I pushed for time, I try to eat a healthy meal shake instead of getting fast food.

So get rid of the energy drinks, make sure the diet is on point, drink plenty of water (ideally reverse osmosis or distilled), and add high quality supplementation.

Another way to gain more energy is to take a few breaks throughout the day to just relax, take a few deep breaths, and clear your mind. Today so many of us are going at 100mph and are constantly stressed. Your body takes a beating from all the stress which leads to low energy and many other health problems. I religiously meditate every morning and try to consciously take breaks throughout the day to either change gears or take a few deep breathes and center myself. This has made a huge difference in my overall energy, confidence, and well being. It is awesome!

Start to do these things and I guarantee you will gain more energy in your parkour training.

[My Response]

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Remember that having good energy cannot be created by just one energy drink or by one meal. It has to be a lifestyle change of practicing a good diet, exercise, lowering stress, and getting good rest.

I learned a lot about diet and the power of raw food by reading and studying Yuri Elkiam! I love his videos and books and you can check out a free course he gives over raw food here -> [Free Raw Food E-Course]

Here’s a link to check out his book “Eating For Energy”-[Eating For Energy]

But what about the days where you just feel a little slower than usual or maybe you have been working all day, you didn’t get much sleep, and you had to eat fast food for lunch and now your energy is low. Well for that I take a  raw guarana supplement that contains only 40mg of caffeine. It gives you a great boost of energy with no jitters and no horrible crash. This really came in handy for late nights of shooting stunts on set or for training when I was feeling tired and lazy. I love it!

Start to practice these simple changes in your diet and lifestyle and you will have 10x the amount of energy that you had before!

Train Safe,



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