How To Get More Flexible : 3 Tips To Improve Your Flexibility

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In this video Jonathan answers a question on how to get more flexible. He shares 3 tips to improve your Flexibility.

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Flexibility is a very important for us if we are training, parkour, acrobatics, sports, or we just want more enjoyment out of our day to day lives. Improved flexibility can prevent injuries and increase physical performance.

3 Tips Discussed In Video:

#1-  We need to warm up before stretching.

#2- A great way too improve flexibility and strength is too perform active stretching. Example is lifting the leg as high as you can but with control and hold in this position for 10-30 seconds.

#3- One of the best known ways to increase flexibility and do it fast is by performing a stretching technique called PNF stretching.

**Make sure you never stretch too far where the stretch becomes painful.

As always train safe and see you in the next video!



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  • Matthew Murmylo

    Hey, Thanks for the flexibility tutorial. I guess it really is beneficial to get to be more flexible. I though that you guys were taking requests for tutorials, so I wanted to know if you could make one for the vertical wall run. This is a cool parkour move that a lot of people would appreciate. Thanks for your tutorials!

  • Harland Gates

    sure why i like doing round offs with no hands

    • Matthew Murmylo

      Isn’t a round off with no hands an arabian flip?

  • Kyle Gilchrist

    Helped me out with ice hockey and parkour… 2 birds one stone

  • By doing the active stretching very softly some minutes before harder active stretching, the soft stretching actually warms up the body in sufficient degree.