How To Handstand

"Follow this course to master this amazing feat of strength!"

Inside How To Handstand, you will find our top training methods for getting the handstand. If you follow this program you will gain advanced upper body balance. With time and dedication you will master the handstand. You will discover a new sense of control and agility in your upper body that a lot of people will never experience.

In this course we teach you correct form at the very beginning so that you can quickly get the move down. People who don't learn proper form at the start usually experience a lot of frustration at the beginning and tend develop bad habits that hold them back from advanced levels of the handstand. To get this move down fast and avoid getting bad habits, proper technique is key. Proper form also allows you to use a lot less strength and still achieve a clean sturdy handstand.

We cover progression steps, so you can gradually and safely build into the move. This gradual approach, lets you ease into the move and gauge your steady progress as you go through the course.

We set you up with our favorite exercises to add into your handstand training to put your handstand gains into hyperspeed. These exercises will help train the technique as well as build extra strength to make the move easier.

Here's What You Get Inside The Handstand Course !

Handstand Technique and Progressions Video

This video shows in detail the correct technique for the handstand and follows up with simple progression steps to ensure you quickly learn the move. By using these simple guides and tricks you will  unlock your ninja upper body balance.


Handstand Exercise Video

In this video you’ll go through our top handstand exercises. These exercises are targeted toward building brute strength and balance for the muscles used in the handstand. These exercises will be the key to seeing rapid progress with the handstand.

Handstand Training Manual

This ebook contains the training schedule you will follow each day to get your handstand. This eliminates any confusion over what workouts you should do, how many days you should train,  or when you should be performing your progression steps. This turns getting your handstand into a fun, easy step by step process. This book also contains a fast overview of the technique and progression steps for the handstand.  This way if you forget any key techniques, you can easily and quickly get the answers before you start or during your handstand training for that day.

The BEST thing is you don't have to wait for these videos and books in the mail or go to a store to pick it up. You download the files instantly to your  computer or device! The videos are in MP4 format and the books are PDFs.

This course also comes with a full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Go through your handstand course for a full 60 days risk free. If at any point you lose interest in the handstand, aren't seeing any improvements, or just don't like the shirt I'm wearing in one of the videos, you can shoot me an email and you will receive a full refund. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

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How To Handstand Program