How To Jump Higher In 45 Mins!

How To Jump Higher In 45 Minutes!

Simple Techniques You Can Use Right Now To Instantly Increase Your Jump


We all want a higher jump. Having a high vertical leap automatically makes you more BA. There’s nothing cooler than being able to float on top of obstacles with ease or getting massive height on flips. This all comes with increasing the height of your jump.

If only it was like a GTA Vice Cty where you can enter in a cheat and instantly go into no gravity mode! Well I don’t have a cheat to shut off gravity in the real world but I found the closest thing to it.

Here is an awesome free e-book from Jacob Hiller that shows you some simple techniques you can implement to instantly increase your jump the next time you go training with your friends!

Click below to jump higher in just 45 mins! (right click and “save as” to download the free pdf)

Jump Higher In 45 Minutes

This E-book is awesome. It’s focused toward basketball athletes but the principles apply to any jump. So if your not a baller then ignore the clever techniques on how to palm a basketball. Ahh yes, one step closer to achieving my dream goal of dunking a basketball. (I’m 5’7 on a good day with a small arm span ha).

I implemented some of these techniques and was able to jump a few inches higher instantly! Also, instead of following the advice for shoe wear, I just went barefoot. I found that worked better for me but my feet are built up so test the waters first if your jumping on concrete.

Download the E-book and use these techniques right now then let me know in the comments the results you got! I’m still waiting for someone to turn in a video of them vertical leaping up on top of their roof.

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Train Safe!

Jonathan Tapp

P.S. Click here to download your free e-book – Jump Higher In 45 Mins


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  • Nicole

    It has been proven that one of the best kept secrets to increase your vertical jump is to focus on explosive exercises. I can think back to all the coaches I encountered during my high school and college years where I was forced to do long and strenuous workouts. Now although those workouts did make me stronger as they were intended, they only increased my endurance and not my vertical. If you want to increase how high you can jump you can not only to do workouts that allow you to pace yourself. Doing quick twitch work outs such as power clinches and squats are two of the best I experienced. Any upward explosive exercise can be proven to be highly effective.

    Step by step to jump higher