How To Kong Vault: How to safely train getting distance and precision

How To Parkour

How To Kong Vault: How to safely train getting distance and precision with your kong vault.

Simple technique to overcome the fear and how to train the kong vault safely.

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In this video I show how to train to get more distance with your kong vault and how to train your kong to precision in a safe way so you don’t have to worry about screwing up and hurting yourself.

The kong vault is an essential move for learning “how to” parkour. You will be using the kong vault for clearing a lot of different obstacles in parkour runs. It’s one of the best parkour vaults for clearing obstacles above waist level and below the head to maintain your speed and effciency. Learning how to kong vault is crucial for overcoming obstacles where you need to vault and clear a large gap to a cat or precsion.

It can be scary when first learning the kong vault and especially with kongs to precisions. The best way to train them is on an obstacle where you can measure your distance and work on you precision but not have to worry about clearing a risky, challenging gap. In the video I show you the perfect kind of obstacle to look for with your training.

Use this simple technique and you can learn how to kong vault with great distance and precision without severely injuring yourself and prepare yourself for when you need to clear massive gaps.

Train Safe,

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