How To One Arm Pull Up

"Follow this course to get your one arm pull up!"

Ever wanted to learn your one arm pullup? Seen a beast at the gym or ripped guys online perform a one arm pull up and thought,  holy shit that's amazing! I wanna learn how to do that!?

If so, then you're just like me when I saw the one arm pull up.

The one arm pull up is one of those amazing feats of strength that commands respect and is a move that puts you into the bodyweight strength level of Bruce Lee or a crazy ninja.

You bust out a one arm pull up any where, it doesn't matter how much you bench press, people are amazed by it. Which is no surprise, you are more than likely the only person in your gym or heck, maybe even in your town that can perform one.

The one arm pull up puts you in an elite group of bodyweight masters in the world.

But it can be very frustrating to learn.

It takes an incredible amount of pull up strength and technique that just can't be learned easily without a specific workout routine and system.

I know this first hand when trying to learn mine. It took a lot of trial and error. I honestly gave up on the idea of doing the one arm pull up. I trained a few years off and on for months at a time and could never pull my chin to the bar...I would progress to where I could pull up about halfway and then could never progress pass this point.

It was soo frustrating and annoying to be training months on end and see little to no progress. It wasn't until I joined a circus that I was able to break past this plateau. I was fortunate to train underneath some very talented circus performers who taught me the keys to learning these amazing feats of strength.

They walked me through the specific progression steps, times to train, proper technique, and strength training for moves like the one arm pull up.

I quickly made the changes in my training, which actually involved training less time. Only 3 days a week opposed to the grueling 5-6 days of torturous one arm workouts.

It also involved changing up the way I was positioning my body and technique I was using to pull. I found out the old technique I had, made it almost physically impossible for me to learn my one arm pull up.

And could have caused serious damage to my shoulder..Definitely not cool.

It's amazing how slight changes to the grip of your hand and body position can literally make you feel 2X lighter while preventing serious injury.

Then I followed a set system of progression steps encompassing negatives, pull ups, holds, assisted one arms, etc.

It took a few months of implementing these changes in my training and I had broken past my plateau and mastered my one arm pull up.

I couldn't believe it, all those past years training hard for hardly any gains... then bam! A few months of implementing these new techniques and progression steps and I got my one arm pull up.

So I want to share with you these techniques, progressions, exercises, and schedule to master your one arm pull up.

Now you don't have to experience the years of frustrations, one arm plateaus, and possible injury causing techniques.

You can start from any level, follow the step by step progression steps in a schedule and with dedication master your one arm pull up.

Inside How To One Arm Pull Up, you receive our top training methods for getting the one arm pull up.

You also receive the secret to the one arm pull up technique, from wrist angle all the way down to leg positioning.

You learn progression steps, so you can gradually and safely build into the move. This gradual step by step system is the secret to getting your one arm pull up very quickly.

We give you our favorite exercises to add into your One Arm Pull Up progressions to put your gains into hyperspeed. These exercises will help you train the technique and specific muscles needed for the one arm pull up.

And all of this put together in an easy "follow along" schedule for you.

Here's What You Get Inside The One Arm Pull Up Course!

One Arm Pull Up Technique and Progressions Video

This video shows in detail the correct technique for the one arm pull up and follows up with gradual progression step system to ensure you quickly learn the move. By using these simple techniques and tricks you will  unlock your one arm strength.


One Arm Pull Up Exercise Video

In this video you’ll go through our top one arm pull up exercises. These exercises are targeted toward building pulling power and one arm strength. These exercises will be the key to seeing rapid progress with the one arm pull up.

One Arm Pull Up Training Manual

This ebook contains the training schedule you will follow each day to get your one arm pull up. This eliminates any confusion over what workouts you should do, how many days you should train,  or when you should be performing your progression steps. This turns getting your one arm pull up into a fun, easy step by step process. This book also contains a fast overview of the technique and progression steps for the one arm pull up.  This way if you forget any key techniques, you can easily and quickly get the answers before you start or during your one arm pull up training for that day.

The BEST thing is you don't have to wait for these videos and books in the mail or go to a store to pick it up. You download the files instantly to your  computer or device! The videos are in MP4 format and the books are PDFs.

This course also comes with a full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Go through your one arm pull up course for a full 60 days risk free. If at any point you lose interest in the one arm pull up, aren't seeing any improvements, or just don't like the shirt I'm wearing in one of the videos, you can shoot me an email and you will receive a full refund. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

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