Having Trouble Learning Your Kong Vault!? Watch this Video

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Not too long ago we sent a message to the people subscribed to our newsletter which tutorial they would rather receive, “How to kong vault” or “how to overcome fear”.

Well we read through all of the responses and it was pretty much even!

So we decided to make a video showing you both!

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In this video, I begin by talking about how I got started and reveal some of my own fears I had while training parkour. Then My brother shows you a simple system to conquer these frustrating fears that hold us back. He then shows you exactly how to use this system to learn the kong vault.

Instead of being afraid to do the kong vault or moves like the backflip, you will be able to take control over your mind and body and make the move as simple and as comfortable as walking!

This is the first video out of a free series of awesome tutorials. We are getting ready to launch a revolutionary program for learning and progressing in parkour!

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Safe Training,


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  • Corey

    You guys are awesome and your videos really help and inspire me to overcome fears and feel like I can overcome my surroundings.

  • Elmer

    Really Nice Tutorials. Can you give me tutorials for the other hard vaults like Dash, Underbar etc. Thanks.

  • brando

    can you make a bouble kong tutorial

  • awesome i am going to do this outside

  • Bill

    I started with the rolls, and now i can roll from jumping off a high place thanks to you guys! Now im learning the work out and climb-up.

  • julia

    im still having problems with the kong but i can do 2-handed,speed,gate,tic tac and cat leap

  • imtiaz nabi

    hey guys i have trouble with kong my weight is 83 kg how can i lose it with body weight exercises and some flaxiblity exercises btw i cant carry my legs through my hands

  • toma

    i’ve just started getting more into parkour and i’ve been piking things up quite well real big thanks to you guys. I watch your videos a lot,

  • Ricky Liu

    Your videos are amazing and I love the triangle training method. It helps me be able to improve dramatically and now, the kong is easy for me now.