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How to Parkour: Am I Too OLD To Do PARKOUR??


By Jonathan Tapp

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In this short video I answer a question that I have recieved several times in e-mails. "Am I too OLD to do PARKOUR??" or "am I too OLD to learn how to parkour??"

The answer is NO, you are not to old to learn how to do parkour. A lot of us see parkour for the first time on tv, on the internet, or in a movie where a guy is jumping across buildings and doing these extreme death defying stunts.

Parkour is not all about taking huge risks and crazy jumps. The people who you normally see doing this are guys who have trained parkour for years and conditioned there bodies to the point where they have become incredible athletes and the building jump is calculated. They are 100% confident they will make the jump.

When you start in parkour, you will start off small and gradually build your way up. You will train the basics and stay in your comfort zone.

So if you are asking yourself "Am I too OLD to learn how to Parkour?" if you can perform basic body movements (walking, jogging, crawling, and climbing over small obstacles) then you can get started in parkour.

Here's a small example: Just take a look at this video of a training session held by Life Cirque. We had a range of experienced parkour athletes to beginners. Ages ranging between 15-64. The man doing the pull-ups at 24 seconds in, is in his 60's we call him Captain America! He is a true inspiration! We had a fantastic time that day. We all trained at our own levels.

You don't have to do anything extreme.

You will just develop your body's natural movements, build all around strength, and prepare your body for real- life situations (falls, stumbles, and getting from one place to another very efficiently with your body).

For more indepth video tutorials and articles over how to do parkour, Sign Up for my FREE 5-Day Parkour Course! [Click HERE]