How To Parkour – Beginner Parkour Vault Training You can Do Anywhere!

How To Parkour: Beginner Parkour Vault Training You Can Do Anywhere!

I show you a simple beginner parkour vault training exercise you can do literally anywhere you have a small ledge! Small ledges are great to work on your basic vaults when you are beginning parkour!

Most people starting out try to go to big too fast when training parkour and they end up injuring there selves. The best way to develop your basic parkour moves with your parkour training is to start small, have fun, and gradually build up!

If you want to get more detailed instruction over parkour and how to vault over rails, run up 8ft walls, safely take 10ft drops, overcome the fear of getting injured, and learn the #1 body weight exercise for training parkour, then click on the link below to receive my free 5-day “how to” parkour training course!

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-Thomas Tapp


  • Steve, right now the plan does not include and F1/P1 bndule.We did it with R1 and P1 because those naturally kind of go together if your primary goal is strength (not skill), but F1 is based on an entirely different protocol that requires the skills to improve rapidly in order to keep up with the strength development. What that means is that we don’t recommend trying to combine F1 with other training you’ll just end up not making progress.

  • altaire22

    I cant i’m in norway there r only threes and bad wether it’s shit here

  • Fox Bari

    I didn’t knew Norway was like that! Sound like a lot of fun, one the best experiences I ever had, was running and climbing in the forest at Ushuaia ( The end of the world!) That’s when it all started for me…just realizing there how good it feels to just run free! I love the rain to xD

    If you want to start training at home you can master the basic moves just from watching videos and training a little. Check out this videos I made for this porpuse here!

    Hope this video helps you and please don’t forget to comment!