How to Parkour: Go In Reverse With This Parkour Vault!

How to Parkour: Go In Reverse With This Parkour Vault!

The “How To” Reverse Vault Tutorial

By Thomas Tapp

Difficulty level: EASY


"how to parkour - reverse vault"

Reverse Vault

In this how to parkour tutorial we’re going to go over a sweet looking vault that can be used when you’re put in tight areas, you’re coming onto a rail sideways, or anytime you want to perform a 360 over an obstacle!

The reverse vault is a stylish parkour vault and is a very natural move after you get over the intial fear of doing a reverse spin.

This is why it’s called a reverse vault. You will be performing a reverse spin over an object, ledge, or rail.
Start by finding a thin ledge or rail about waist height where the landing is on grass.

Step 1: Jog up to the rail and jump off both feet or off one foot and place hands on the rail.

Step 2:Position both hands slighty to the left or the opposite side you’re spinning towards. You will want to do this just before or exactly when you’re jumping.

(the right hand or hand closest to you will be wrapped on top of the rail. The left hand or the hand furthest from you will be wrapped underneath the rail.) Pause video @0:04 to see the hand placement.

Step 3:While jumping with a solid grip, initiate the reverse spin. Pull hips up and over to the right side. Tuck your legs tight so you don’t clip the rail. At this point most of your weight should be supported by the arm closest to your body and when your going over the rail you will push through with this arm to help clear it.

*Notice how the head and upper body is used in coordination with the legs to help rotate the 360 degrees. It all spins together. You will turn so you will be traveling backwards over the rail for a split second.

Step 4: Release with the left hand to allow you to spin the full 360 degrees.

Step 5: Once your legs and body are over the rail extend your legs out for the landing. Release with the right hand and land with the balls of the feet.

* Use opposite directions if you prefer to spin the opposite way.

Super FAST Progression Steps

1. Find a low thick ledge and 180 over using the reverse vault hand placement. This will get you used to the roatation.

2. Then gradually transform your 180 into a reverse 360 vault . 3. Move to a low rail or thin ledge and perform the reverse vault.

4. Then move to a higher thin ledge (about waist level or higher.)

5. Then move to a rail (waist level or higher).

So now you know how to do the reverse vault! Go out and start practicing the technique and get it down.

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