How to Parkour: “How To Do the Parkour Roll!”

How to Parkour: “How To Do the Parkour Roll!”

How Do You Take Drops Over 10ft High Without Getting Hurt? Learn How to Do The Parkour Roll Below And It Is Easy.

By Jonathan Tapp

"how to parkour"Learn how to do the parkour roll and you can take drops up to 10ft with the same amount of impact on your body as a regular person peforming a jumping jack.

You won’t be afraid of jumping off high obstacles.

If you are ever put in a critical situation (Getting out of a burning building, trying to escape a group of thugs) where you need to jump from a high area, you be able to easily, confidently, and with out getting injured.

If you don’t learn how to do the parkour roll, you will be very afraid of jumping off high obstacles. If you are ever put in a critical situation, you will hesitate to jump, which could cost you your life. If you actually did jump your body would crunch under the impact and you would certainly injur yourself.

The parkour roll is really all about distributing momentum and is one of them most useful and essential moves to learn in parkour.

When a normal person jumps off a high obstacle, they are timid, barley jump off, and absorb all of that straight downward force into their joints and body.

When you perform the parkour roll, you are distributing that downward force out and through your roll instead of all through your body.

The parkour roll is peformed by landing on your feet (keeping the angle of your knees above 90 degrees and legs about shoulder width) then directly collapse to your arms, tuck one shoulder under, and roll diagonally across your back (from one shoulder to the opposite hip).

To perfect the roll safely, it’s all about gradually building up into the roll.

-Start off on your knees on soft ground, such as grass or carpet. Practice until it’s comfortable.

-Then train the roll from just a standing position on soft ground.Practice until it’s comfortable

-Then begin from small run up and jump into the roll on ground. Practice until it’s comfortable.

-After that its time to test the form of your roll. Practice one from a standing position on concrete. If you are doing it right you shouldn’t feel any pain. If you feel pain (which is usually on the shoulder, spine, or hip bone) go back to the soft ground and work on tweaking your roll to avoid the slight pain spots. Then test again on concrete.

– Once you find the perfect roll, you can perform it standing on concrete or hard wood without pain, it’s time to move up to different heights, but ONLY on soft ground at first. Start short, 2 ft or so, then gradually move up to higher as you get better and more comfortable.

-Then you can start moving to harder surfaces from different heights

This is going to take time to learn and perfect. It will usually take months to get down well and years to get down really well. Also you should probably keep your high jumps at around the 10Ft level. Any higher and you need to make sure you have conditioned your body properly and you you want to keep those bigger jumps to a minimum so you don’t risk injury or putting too much strain on your body.

The parkour roll can be difficult to learn at first but with enough repetition and gradually building into it, you should learn it fairly soon on grass.

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