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How to Parkour: Vault Like A BEAST With The Kong Vault!

The "How To" Kong Vault Tutorial

By Thomas Tapp

Difficulty level: MEDIUM

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In this how to parkour tutorial we're going to go over the beastliest vault in parkour: the kong vault!

This vault loooks extremely cool BUT it's one of the scariest vaults to learn!

What's great about this vault besides the part of making you look like a total beast of a man is it keeps your legs and body in line making it easier for you to land and absorb or land to a precision. Which is very important in keeping efficient movement with parkour.

Now, usually with anything super cool theres always a RISK. That risk with the kong vault is clipping our feet and making a total MORON out of ourselves! In front of our friends or even possibly some hott babes watching . On top of that we will likely scrap our faces up bad if we land on concrete.

So let's learn this vault safely and properly so you can look like a Beast and NOT a NOOB.

Find a nice ledge, about waist height, with a landing area on grass.

Step 1: Jump off with both feet or Hurdle step, jumping off with a 1-2 motion with your feet.

Step 2:Lift your hips in the air ( slightly above your head or at head level) Tuck your legs.

Step 3: Place both hands on ledge (try to hit with the meaty part palms and push off with the fingertips)

Step 4: While pushing with your arms and shoulders carry your tucked legs up and over the ledge.

Step 5: Release with the hands and fingertips. Extend legs out for landing.

Super FAST Progression Steps

Find a thick ledge or a picnic table, landing area on grass.

1. Plant both hands on ledge and hop onto ledge/picnic table. Try to carry your legs through your arms but if you are to afraid, carry them over to the side.

2.Then get on top of ledge and kong down the ledge. Try to carry your legs through but if you are to afraid, carry them over the to side.

3. Then kong over the ledge with speed, add more and more speed as it gets more comfortable.

So if you have been too afraid to work on the kong vault in the past or this is a totally new parkour move for you go find a comfortable ledge and progressivley build the beastly parkour vault!

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