How to Parkour: Play It SAFE With This Parkour Vault!

How to Parkour: Play It SAFE With This Parkour Vault!

The “How To” Safety Vault Tutorial

By Thomas Tapp

Difficulty level: EASY

"how to parkour - safety vault"In this how to parkour tutorial we’re gonna be going over th safest parkour vault around: the safety vault!

If you find yourself in a position where you need to go over an obstacle or ledge in parkour but you don’t want to take any risk and you want to play it safe. Then you will want to perform a Saftey Vault. This parkour vault is not the fastest way to clear an obstacle but is one of the safest and easiest ways in parkour.

Find a thin ledge or rail, waist height, with a grass landing area.

Step 1:Place both hands down on ledge straight out in front of you.

Step 2:Jump off left leg and swing right leg up and on top of ledge on the outside of your right arm. (place the ball or arch of the foot on ledge)(have your upper body leaned slightly forward over ledge)

Step 3:Push up with right leg, release grip with right hand and thread left foot through

Step 4: Carry right foot off ledge and land with left foot first or both feet * Use opposite directions if your prefer to thread the right leg through instead of left.

Super FAST Progression Steps

1.Slowly walk over ledge using safety vault motion.

2.Add more an more speed to the vault.

3.The once the vault is comfortable, perform the vault on objects and rails above waist height and over harder surfaces.

This should be one of the first vaults you learn how to do in parkour because it’s so simple and safe. If you haven’t started doing parkour, this is the perfect time and parkour vault to start with. Go out and do it!

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