How to Parkour: Jump From Rail To Rail Like Assasins Creed!

how to precision parkour

The “How To” Precision Jump Tutorial

By Thomas Tapp
Difficulty level: EASY

In this how to parkour tutorial we’re going to go over one of the most important movements in parkour and that’s the precision jump or the parkour precision!

Many people are completely amazed by the precision jump. Especially when you do it from one rail to another. When you think about it, it is AMAZING to be able to jump and precisely land on a rounded rail with about an inch or 2 of landing surface and stick the landing with no fault. If you master the precision jump you will be able to do this consistently.

The precision jump has always been one of my favorite parkour moves because you can make it very simple, very technical, or difficult depending on what your precisioning to and the distance,height, and angle of the jump.

To start off find a low to ground ledge, curb, or line.


Precision Demo

How To Precision Tutorial


Step 1:Bend your legs down to about a 90 degree angle or less.

Step 2:Lean slightly forward towards the line your jumping to. At the same time wind your arms up to prepare for the jump

Step 3: Jump off with both legs finishing off with the toes and swing your arms with as much force forward and up. (the angle you throw your arms and lean your body will help determine how high and far you jump)

Step 4: Tuck your legs and bring them even with your body

Step 5:Spot the landing, extend your legs to meet the line (depending on how much force and how high you jump, you might bring your legs in front of your body to compensate the force).

Step 6: Land with the balls of your feet, absorb, and put your arms in front of you for counter balance. Try to stick the landing.


Super Fast Progression Steps Demo

Super FAST Progression Steps

1. Jump to a line on the side walk using the techniques above.

2. Move further and further from the line. Jump with different height and lengths.

3. Jump to a curb a few inches off the ground.

4. Jump from one thick ledge to another a few inches above the ground.

5. Jump to a rail (no higher than knee level) jump from rail to rail.

6. Begin to precision jump from about waist level height from ledges then rails and so on.

Now it’s time for us to make our “Assasin’s Creed” dreams come true. Instead of pressing “A” on the controller with a bag of Doritos on our belly sipping on Mountain Dew Code Red, let’s go outside and start developing our parkour precision!

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