How To Parkour Roll – Avoid Hitting The Hip And Shoulder!

How To Parkour Roll

Avoid Hitting The Hip And Shoulder With Your Parkour Roll

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably ran into some trouble with the parkour roll trouble, especially on concrete in the beginning stages of our training.

You train the roll step by step like you are supposed to but you keep feeling pain in your shoulder or hip while you roll! This can get very annoying. Especially if you fix it on grass just to feel the same problem when you perform the parkour roll on concrete or a hard surface.

I too had several problems with these areas, so I want to give you some tips that helped me overcome these parkour roll issues.

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Train safe!


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  • Christian

    thanks, that was pretty helpful.

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  • Tyler

    Alright im a pretty big guy and i can roll but i haven’t in a while and well should i lost weight before pushing past what i already do i am 270 ish?

  • Zaid

    I am still having hurt in my shoulder

  • Travis F

    He said I wouldn’t get a comfortable roll on my first day, and guess what.
    Today watching this video I realized I was doing the roll wrong, I was rolling sideways on top of my back landing and turning forward, this showed me that I was supposed to roll over the shoulder onto the back spinning in the roll to face forward, and also…
    I got a very comfortable roll that didn’t hit my shoulder or hip on my first try.