Parkour Pants : What Sweat Pants Do You Wear??

Parkour Pants: What Sweat Pants Do you Wear??


In this vid I answer a question I received over e-mail “What kind of sweat pants do you where and where can I get them??” – Marcus

In the parkour scene today, the pants mean everything. A faulty pair of sweat pants can make us look like we are more like freestyle walkers than tracuers ha. But in all seriousness, the sweat pants you wear can easily add style and flow to your movement. Basically the baggier the better!

I picked up my sweat pants from a local JcPenny’s over hear in the states. I get the extra large size (way to big for me) but I make sure they are thin material, have a draw string, and elastic around the ankles.

I tie up the waist draw string real tight and the elastic around the ankles keeps the pants from going over my shoes while training. 😉

Hope that helps Marcus!

Train Safe,


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