How to Parkour / Freerun : Swing Leg Flow Tutorial

How to Parkour / Freerun : Swing Leg Flow Tutorial

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In this How to parkour / Freerun video tutorial I show you how to do the leg swing flow move. I perform this move in a lot of my parkour and freerunning videos. I learned it a couple of years ago. My brother and I set aside about 6 months to accomplish one of our long time goals of “learning how to break dance!”. As we trained different break dance moves (windmills, flairs, crickets, freezes etc) I started to integrate that style of movement into my parkour.

You can take a look at my Tapp Brothers 09 reel and my Texas Insanity reel in 2010 and see the big influence break dancing had on our style over that period of time. You also see the leg swing performed multiple times during flow routines in Texas Insanity. Now if you see any new show reel of ours you will usually see thithe swing leg move used.

It’s such a simple move that adds a lot of flow and style to your parkour. That’s one of the reasons I like it so much and I reccomend you learn it as well. It’s a good move to develop coordination and control in your parkour.

If your not practicing moves like this your missing out on fun and easy training that will enhance your flow and coordination. Whether you plan on throwing this move in a real-life situation or in any video it’s good to develop control and coordination 😉

The KEY to landing this move successfully is the swing with your outside leg. You want to imagine you are swinging your leg in a perfect semi circle, parallel to the ledge your holding on. If you have a bad swing you will notice you might land uncomfortably close or far from the ledge.

The second key factor is using your upper body properly. Have your hands hold onto the ledge for added support as long as you can before you have to make the rotation. Release one hand at a time, keeping the far hand on, even during some of the upper body rotation. You also want to push up into the air with the hands. This will give you more height when you perform the leg swing and make this move easier to land. Another thing to remember with the upper body, is make sure to have your legs start the rotation and have your upper body follow the legs. You don’t want to spin both the upper body and legs at the same time. It you start with the leg swing, your legs begin rotating, then once you legs reach their stretching point allow your upper body to follow the same rotation.

I’ve received a lot of e-mails asking about this move so I wanted to make sure to put this one out 😉

It’s an easy move that will add a lot of flow and style with your movement.

Train safe,