How to Parkour: The LAZIEST Vault In Parkour!

How to Parkour: The LAZIEST Vault In Parkour!

The “How To” Lazy Vault Tutorial

By Thomas Tapp
Difficulty level: EASY

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Lazy Vault

In this how to parkour tutorial we’re going to go over the laziest vault in parkour: the lazy vault!

This is a very easy and efficient parkour vault. You don’t have to put much energy to easily fly over ledges/rails/objects. That’s one of the reasons this vault is called the lazy vault.

You’ll see this used a ton in parkour and if you learn how to lazy vault properly it will make your movement fluid and smooth.

Start by finding a thin ledge about waist height where the landing is on grass.


Step 1: Run along side of the ledge or at a slight angle.

Step 2: Plant your left hand down on the ledge (in front of your body)

Step 3: Jump off your right foot and swing your left leg up and over the ledge (in front of your left hand)

Step 4: Carry your right leg up and over ledge with left leg or immediately after. (at this point you can place right hand down on ledge for extra control and support)

Step 5: Land with left foot and step into run. Release hands from the ledge.

Super FAST Progression Steps

1. Stand next to ledge, place left hand down, swing left leg over ledge and use your bum for support. Then swing right leg over.

2. Continue this process until you feel comfortable with the motion.

3. Add speed to your run and use less and less support with your bum 😉

Now this vault couldn’t be any LAZIER, you even get to sit on your bum during the progression steps. So there are NO EXCUSES for not trying this parkour vault outside or hell even on your couch to a seated position while watching the latest episode of lost.

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  • Sean McBut

    You Should make it a video tutorial, not just a demonstration

  • Lightning Shoker

    I love the lazy vault, it seems to be the easiest one out of all the vaults!