How To Safety Vault: Parkour Tutorial w Natalie Strasser

how to safety vault in parkour

How To Safety Vault

In this Tutorial Tuesday Natalie Strasser takes us through the progression steps on how to learn the safety vault in parkour. Learn this parkour move and you will be to vault over rails and fly over obstacles quickly and safely.

The safety vault is one of the best vaults to learn when we are first getting started in parkour. The fundamental movements used in the safety vault works as a great progression for the more advanced vaults.

The safety vault allows you to go over rails and obstacles fast however maintain a lot of control throughout the vault.

In this video Natalie does a great job of having her students go through simple progressions to build into the safety vault.

Watch the Safety Vault Parkour Tutorial by Natalie Strasser and special guest students Loana and Daphne!

Train Safe,
Thomas Tapp

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  • Kiara Done WildOlive Riding

    Awesome, simple break down with excellent focus on safety. Tx!

  • Jesse

    Thank you very much!
    The video mess up pretty bad early into it though.
    Like it flickers real bad or something.