How to Round Off: How to Flip/Tricking Tutorial

how to round off

How to Round Off Tutorial

In this How to flip tutorial we go over one of the first acrobatic/gymnastic moves we should learn when we are first starting, “the round off”.

This gymnastic move is simple, easy to learn and will allow us to get twice as much power and height with our backflips and tumbling.

To get the most height and power out of this move it is very important we use the proper technique. If we learn this move improperly we will not see added power and it can cause us to get injured or bail when we attempt the flip afterwards.

So really take the time to get this move right and practice good technique so you can receive the most benefit 🙂

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    How do you spring onto your feet to go into a flip?

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    Shit!Why I can’t watch it?