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The Kong Vault

Demonstration and explanation of what the kong vault is.

[Click HERE] For the simple progression steps to how to kong vault!

The kong vault is one of most important and frequently used moves in the discipline of parkour. Not only is it an aesthetically appealing movement but it is also very efficient for clearing obstacles at a high rate of speed and continuing your momentum.

The kong vault or what some people like to call the cat pass or saut de chat, is parkour move used to vault over obstacles. Ideally you want to perform a kong vault over an obstacle between about waist to chest height. To perform a kong vault by running at an obstacle (such as a concrete ledge or rail), jumping in a diving motion at the obstacle (either with a split leg hurdle take off or two leg punching take off), planting both hands on the obstacle, then tucking your legs into your chest to drive your momentum over the obstacles while pushing off with your hands. You can land with both feet together to precision the landing or you can slightly split leg the landing to run out of it if its a level landing with no gap.

Watch the video over how to safely train getting distance and precision with your kong vault [Click HERE].

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  • Kong Vault | How to Parkour was stored as a favorite :), I like your website!

  • The majority of us who start pakruor do not have any classes available like someone living in London on New York would. You just need to get some basic movements and train them at spots around your house or area.As for finding basic techniques, you can find them on youtube. The techniques you want to pick up first are quadrupedal movement, Hang shimmy (I know them as cat traverses, but AKP likes this name better), balancing (both cat and regular), and precision jumps. All of these, when practiced for extended periods of time, can become really good conditioning methods. The good videos show up when you type in pakruor after the name of the technique.

    • Nicholas Faulks

      it’s called parkour, not pakruor.