Bail Of The Week: “Kong Vault Bail Off Balcony”

Parkour Bail Of The Week

Kong Vault Bail Off Balcony

Welcome to Learn More Parkour’s bail of the week! We find our favorite most painful and funny parkour bails and post them up each week.

When learning the kong vault we all have that fear of clipping our feet. The sensation of having no control and no possible way to land on our feet is a horrible feeling. Luckily most of us only experience that in a low to ground environment and we face plant or belly flop on grass a few feet off the ground. Well this guy gets to experience that while attempting a kong vault off of his second story balcony!

In this video we learn that it’s never good to perform a kong vault off of anything high until you get it down solid. As for technique, you always want to keep your hips up high so that your feet can clear the obstacle with ease. Also if you are going to go for it, make sure to commit.

For an awesome video over how to learn the kong vault and overcome the fear of clipping, watch the tutorial below!

Kong Vault Tutorial-–TYU_s

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