Long Lost Training – Barefoot??

Long Lost Training – Barefoot??

Use barefoot training to increase your parkour skills

In this video I show you a simple training method to improve your technique and skill in parkour super fast!

It’s barefoot training!

Watch Ryan Ford from Demon Drills go in depth on the subject of barefoot training, watch here:

When you are wearing shoes you have a layer of padding. This layer of padding takes away a lot of the sensitivity from your feet. So when you perform a precision or jump this padding will allow you to get away with errors in technique and form.

When you are barefoot, you will have much more sensitivity and you will feel more discomfort and notice the errors in your technique.

You will notice when you first begin to train barefoot, you will have to start off small and build up. Especially with precision jumps you will land much softer and absorb the impact so you won’t feel any discomfort. After time, your feet will build up and your technique will improve to the point where you can perform the same movements you could do in the past.

You will also notice when you train with shoes you will be 10x more confident with your training.

So start to slowly work barefoot training into your workout regime. You will notice HUGE improvements with your parkour. Start with 5-10 minutes of basic movements barefoot each training session. Perform low ledge precisions etc. Then slowly build up.

Another thing you can do is to start wearing thin soled shoes for more sensitivity (feiyues, vibrams, bevo, other thin soled flexible shoes)

I personally have two pairs of shoes. Thick soled running shoes for times i need to perform big drops for a video shoot, Intense parkour sessions and thin soled feiyues for my day to day training and tricking.

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Train Safe!

Thomas Tapp

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