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  • Learn Parkour Moves

    You get access to all of the parkour tutorials. We’ve give you videos with detailed instruction over moves from beginner to advanced.

  • Learn Flips

    Inside we have a section dedicated to flips. You’ll learn how to do flips, like the front flip, side flip, b-twist, and more!

  • Personal Coaching

    You get to ask us questions or send in video over any problems you may be having in your training and we will send you a video response answering and helping you fix the problem!

  • Learn Anytime Anywhere

    The Academy is mobile ready so you can watch all of the video training from your smart phone.

  • Avoid Injuries

    Learn how to treat injuries when they happen, rehab injuries, and prevent injuries. We don’t claim to be doctors but we have learned a lot over the years of high level training in sports and parkour.

  • Overcome Fear

    Learn how to over come those frustrating fears holding you back in your training. Start using detailed system to over come your fears mentally and physically that professional athletes use.

  • Get Strong

    Drills and workouts to use in your training. You will learn how to build efficient muscle for learning parkour and performing extreme strength moves such as the human flag and planche.

  • Life Time Updates

    You will receive lifetime updates on all courses while you are in the Parkour Academy.

Crash Course Into Parkour ($57 Value You Get Free Today)

Parkour Course- Crash Course Into Parkour“Learn Parkour In 60 Days”

This course is perfect for beginners just getting started in parkour. You will learn all the basic moves, how to get strong, receive drills, and get a detailed schedule to follow!

Get Your Back Flip Now ($47 Value You Get Free Today)


“How To Back Flip In Your Backyard”

Learn the secret technique to getting your backflip down without a gym, mats, or a spotter. You will also learn the exercises to increase your jump and shed any excess weight holding you back form getting your back flip!


60 Day Iron Clad Triple Guarantee

Test the Parkour Academy for a full 60 days and if…

  • -You don’t learn anything new
  • -You don’t get 10x more value than the price
  • -Or you just don’t like the shirt I’m wearing in the video

You get a full refund. No questions asked


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