Parkour Academy Episode #6: Helicopter Tutorial

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We have another sweet tutorial for you from the Parkour Academy! In this video you’ll learn how to do one of my favorite parkour flow moves, the helicopter.

The helicopter is super dope rail move, where you spin around the rail on your lower abdomen imitating the motion of a helicopter propeller. To make this move cooler I like to add in my own helicopter sound effects.

Make sure to watch the tutorial and follow step by step. It’s a simple and safe move to train, but if you are a male and get too carried away ha you could helicopter your man hood right into the rail! Not fun. So go slow at first and you’ll be good.

I learned this awesome move from one of the founders of parkour, Chau Belle. If you ever get a chance to train or join a workshop with Chau, make sure you don’t let that opportunity pass. The information you learn is out of this world!

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Instructor in this video: Andrew Simmons

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Train Safe,

Jonathan Tapp

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