Parkour Academy: Exclusive Look Inside

Parkour Academy

Exclusive Look Inside

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mail asking #1 What exactly is inside the Parkour Academy? and #2 Whats the difference between the Parkour Academy and Crash Course Into Parkour?

So to answer the first question, I shot this video to give you a tour of exactly what is inside!

As for the second question, the Crash Course Into Parkour is geared towards people who are just starting in parkour. It’s a course that walks you step by step over how to start, with tutorials over all the basic movements, conditioning exercises to build a base of strength, and a 60 day schedule that lays out exactly what you need to do day by day.

The Parkour Academy is for people who want more or don’t want a schedule. It’s a ton of content with tutorials over beginning moves and advanced. Different workouts ranging from beginner to advanced! You have a question and answer section. You get methods for over coming fear. You get tutorials over how to prevent and rehab injuries. You also get to join a community of tracuers just like you with our private Facebook group. We are continually adding in content too.

So watch the video above, take the tour, and click the link below to join the Academy!

Click HERE – Find out how to join!

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If you want to learn the step by step system to learn how to run up 8ft walls, take 10ft drops, vault over rails, and fly through your environment effortlessly and become a real Ninja Warrior then [Click HERE] For a Free 5 day parkour training course!

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  • My son is 11 and has been doing parkour tainring in Portland, OR for about 6 months. He is probably considered advanced beginner still. We just moved here last week. Are your meetups something he could join and do? What is the skill level required? Are there other kids involved as well. If not, can you recommend another type of tainring atmosphere for him?Thankyou.