1 Simple Tip To “Avoid Injury” In Parkour

How To Learn Parkour Without Getting Injured

Parkour Safety


We want to learn parkour but there’s one giant fear that holds us back. That’s the fear of getting injured!

We all do it when we are first starting. We want to learn the double kong or huge cat leaps, but as we approach the ledge or jump all we can think about is clipping or coming short and slamming into a nice patch of hard concrete leaving us with a concussion and a limb snapped in the opposite direction.

This fear holds us back in our training. But there is a super easy way to eliminate 80% of that risk of getting injured and that’s with simple progression steps.

When my twin brother and I first started training parkour, we had no one to show us how to get started or how to start training parkour safely.

So in this video I talk about training progressions in parkour. This is one of the most important aspects of training parkour safely and without injuring yourself.

You have to start small in your parkour training and gradually build up as you build the coordination, strength, and mental confidence.

When you go out and start training be sure to follow this rule of progression steps for the new parkour moves you start to learn. In my 5 day training course I give simple, safe, progression steps for all of the pakour movements I teach you.

Do this and we will take away a lot of the risk of getting injured and eliminate all of those nightmare images in your head before you attempt your next awesome parkour move.

Train Safe,

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  • Andrew Carter

    hard concrete aha? is there such thing as soft concrete, Yes progressions are good because you learn the actuall progression so you learn few moves in 1