Parkour Training Drill – Get Flow & Creativity

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In this parkour training drill we focus on improving flow and creativity.

By performing this drill and mastering this drill you will be able to flow into parkour movements naturally and a lot easier without having to think about.

This is key if we are ever in a real life parkour chase or situation where we have to think quickly on our feet and don’t have time to plan moves.

By training this in a low to ground environment and starting slow, we can build up this skill safely so that if we ever are in a high stress situation we can perform parkour confidently and greatly reduce are risk of injury.

This drill will also help with improving agility, coordination, and creativity.

As mentioned in the video. Train this drill for a minute. Rest 30 seconds to 1 minute in between. And perform 3 sets total.

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  • Matthew Murmylo

    Are we supposed to use moves that we already learned, or just make stuff up as we go?