Parkour Training: “How To Do The Human Flag”

Parkour Training: “How To Do The Human Flag”

Learn The Parkour Training Move that Turns People’s Heads


by Thomas Tapp

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Human Flag

One of the perks of parkour training is it builds muscle that can easily be used for INSANE feats of strength.

When you condition and train your body for parkour you chisel away extra fat and build dense, efficient muscle.

So after you construct that physical parkour base you can easily move to accomplishing feats like the one-arm pull-up, fingertip push up, handstand, planche, and of course “The Human Flag”.

If you want to learn a move that takes no risk of injury but is looked at as one of the coolest moves on the planet, then you have to learn the human flag. When you learn this move you can do it anywhere. All you need is a sturdy pole or rails to place your hands.

The reactions you get from this move are priceless.

People just don’t think the human flag is possible ha and to be honest I didn’t either when I first heard about it.

I remember a girlfriend of mine was telling me about one of her tennis coaches that could literally hold himself parallel to the ground on a vertical pole with his arms straight out!

Leandro from Brazil learned his Flag from watching the video below!
Check out more of his videos here:

I thought to myself..”pshh, yea right, what does he do? Lock his wrist real tight and hold himself up? I don’t think so! You’d have to have insanely strong arms.”

So I thought she was making it up, and I forgot about it. Then I was searching around on the internet and I came across a video of two dudes from the UK doing this move! I looked at the comments and found out it was called a human flag.

I watched the video about 50 times, studied the way they held the pole and I began training it.

The TRICK with this move is the technique and form you use and gradually developing muscles your not used to using.

Your not even using as much arm strength as I imagined before. It’s core strength and using one arm as a brace and the other to pull.

These are the exact steps I followed to learn the Human Flag in 3-6 months. So watch this video and start training your Human Flag, so you can start looking like a super hero badass.

If you learned from the Human Flag tutorial above and want to get exact workouts to develop your core and flag specific muscles, recieve a simple flag training schedule to follow, and more! [CLICK HERE to learn more about the HUMAN FLAG COURSE!]

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