Parkour Training – “Ledge Training”

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Ledge Training (Body weight exercises)

In parkour it is important we learn how to use our surroundings and be creative with the obstacles we have available for us. I like to use this mentality with my parkour training and conditioning as well. This will allow us to think outside of the box and discover new techniques for training and get us comfortable with outside obstacles.

In this video I wanted to demonstrate how we can find something as simple as a concrete ledge and turn it into a parkour training spot. How we can perform great body weight exercieses and basic parkour conditioning on a ledge that can be found close to us.

I encourage you to start training with obstacles and structures around you! Try to get creative with it, make up your own workouts to fit the physical goals you want for yourself in parkour.

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Body weight exercises , parkour fitness, ledge training

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